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Hotel Asset Management is a discipline that provides a 360 degree view of a hotel. We'll delve inside in this exciting industry. Welcome to this journey.

Let’s start this journey

For the last few years, I always wanted to write a blog specialized in Hotel Asset Management. It is a discipline that not everybody is aware, but compiles a lot of different skills and knowledge related to the Hotel industry. 

In this blog that I am just starting, I would like to express thoughts and reflexions that I had in my career. I love my profession and I wanted to translate this passion into words. English is not my first language, so please excuse me for any potential mistakes that I incurred in my posts. 

I decided to divide the blog into different sections, so I can cover as much content as possible. From hotel operations, technology, marketing, distribution and many disciplines more. It is an exciting universe where service is king and profitability is queen. 

My ambition? Well, I don’t have any specific. I guess I wanted to contribute to the industry by producing content that could help different the hospitality to evaluate better the hotel business, which you may agree with me it may look simple, but is extremely complicated. 

Every hotel has a history of people, achievements, guest experiences, success and failure. It all starts way before your check-in experience and it definitely does not end on your check-out. The amount of work behind the scenes is unparalel which makes this journey exciting. 

So welcome to my blog and let’s start the guest journey!!!!!

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